Lama Mobility

Park guests can explore more

Lama Mobility within theme parks, water parks and zoos provides a fun, convenient way for guests to explore parks and zoos, moving from one attraction to another with ease. Lama Scooter charging racks can be conveniently located within the park or in the parking lots to assist with getting the customers from the parking lot into the park quickly and conveniently. With a 34 mile range, guests can cover more ground, making the most of their time at the property taking the full experience to the next level of adventure. The scooter is the available to the guest exclusively for the duration of the selected rental period Unlike the typical ride share scooter rental, there is no need to be concerned about someone else taking their Lama scooter Therefore, they can spend the day with confidence that their scooter will be waiting for them while they enjoy all that the park has to offer without interruption.

A new revenue stream without any upfront costs

Lama Mobility provides all of the equipment needed for a successful operation. From the scooters themselves to the charging racks, marketing materials and installation and day to day operations, we extend our turn-key program without any costs. Just provide a 110v outlet, that’s all! The park not only reaps the benefits from the customer satisfaction but also shares in the revenue derived from Lama scooter rentals.

No additional work for the theme park

Lama Mobility is a fully encompassing, turnkey solution. We will do all the heavy lifting – delivery and equipment setup, maintaining the equipment, supplying training and marketing materials, operating the software systems and offering end-user customer support in case of any questions or problems. Lama Mobility’s program is fully autonomous and does not require an assisted sale or additional personnel on the part of the park operator. For the rider, it’s as easy as downloading the app, inputting basic information, and a scan of the QR code on the scooter to start their riding experience.

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