Lama Mobility

Organized and Flexible Charging Station

The Lama Mobility Charging Rack

Lama Mobility created a charging rack solution used to neatly organize and charge various electric scooters for the micro-mobility revolution. The attractive, modular design allows for multiple configurations to park, lock, and charge 2 to 12 scooters within a small footprint, requiring only a standard 110v outlet. The scooter charging rack features a 43″ LED screen that can be used for advertisement and instructions. These racks are where the Lama fun begins and where the riders will return the scooters at the end of their use.

Flexible charging stations for dockless ride share scooters

The Lama Mobility micro-mobility scooter charging rack is available for sale to other rideshare scooter programs. Providing rideshare companies, municipalities, transit authorities, schools, retail centers, and more a physical infrastructure to keep scooters organized, charged, and ready to roll.

Electric scooters have grown to play a vital role in transportation throughout the world. As dockless rideshare scooters continue to populate cities across the globe, the increased demand has resulted in large masses of scooters scattered throughout city sidewalks, public rights of way, driveways, and many other areas. In addition to the mess, scooters are rarely fully charged, frustrating riders and forcing rideshare companies to lose out on potential revenue. Operating costs continue to increase as dockless rideshare companies try to keep up with the demands of keeping scooters charged on city streets.

The Lama Mobility charging rack provides a solution to these problems. Organizing the mess and keeping scooters charged allows the micro-mobility revolution to continue in a more profitable and organized way. Our standard modular design allows for 9 different configurations to park and charge 2 to 12 scooters within a small footprint, requiring only a standard 110v outlet. Our 12 unit scooter rack conveniently fits into a standard-size parking space with plenty of room to maneuver. The scooter charging rack features a large LED screen that can be used for revenue-generating advertisements and instructions.

Charging Station Diagram

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