Lama Mobility

A simple and easy amenity for your hotel guests

Now more than ever, hotels must raise the bar with onsite amenities and provide superior guest satisfaction, which typically results in repeat customers and positive reviews. Lama Mobility adds to that competitive edge with a fun, convenient way for guests to explore, tour, see attractions and more. Car rental and parking can be expensive and cumbersome, rideshare car services are costly and time-consuming when waiting for them and walking often limits guests from going farther and getting there faster. Lama Mobility provides a simple, easy way for riders to explore and enjoy their stay. In many cases, the 34-mile range allows the guest to see more and do more, potentially extending the length of their hotel stay. This type of roundtrip / private scooter rental provides the guest comfort and satisfaction, knowing that the scooter is theirs, unlike other rideshare scooter programs where riders can’t pause a ride and stresses about someone taking their scooter or locating one.

A new revenue stream without any upfront costs

Lama Mobility provides all of the equipment and support needed for a successful operation. From the scooters themselves to the charging racks, management software, marketing materials and installation, we extend our turn key program without any cost to the hotel. Just provide a 110v outlet, that’s all! Hotels not only reap the benefits from customer satisfaction but also share in the revenue derived from Lama scooter rentals.

No additional work for the hotel

Lama Mobility is a fully encompassing, turnkey solution. We will do all the heavy lifting – delivery and equipment setup, maintaining the equipment, supplying training and marketing materials and offering end-user customer support in case of any questions or problems. Lama Mobility’s program is fully autonomous and does not require an assisted sale or additional personnel on the part of the hotel operator. For the rider, it’s as easy as downloading the app, inputting basic information, and a scan of the QR code on the scooter to start their riding experience.

Hotels Featuring Lama Scooters

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